(RETIRED) Necklace Concept

The New PANDORA Necklace Concept
In this new collection PANDORA's feminine style takes on a raw edge. It's romantic and untamed, with a touch of vintage. And with every beautiful new piece there is a new way to wear your jewellery.

This season PANDORA introduces a new necklace concept and the opportunity to create an entirely new range of looks. Collect the stunning necklace strands in a variety of lengths and tones and style them your way. Layer necklaces with and without precious gemstones, fasten new fixed clips to the strands and secure as many as eight necklaces together with an S-Lock and clip.

For the new necklace concept we have developed two locks. The large S-Lock can hold up to eight necklaces and the small S-Lock can hold up to four necklaces.

Classic, clean lines meet with a raw edge for new season clips. Add texture to new necklaces or attach the clips to the traditional bracelet for fresh styling options.

Each unique necklace strand is made from precious metal and necklaces feature only genuine genstones. Combine stylish new clips with favorites from past collections and create a look that reflects your personal style.

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