(RETIRED) 25th Anniversary

25 years in one unforgettable moment
The fairytale of a Danish jewelry success with global reach began in a basement in a Copenhagen side street. Today, PANDORA Jewelry is renowned for its unsurpassed workmanship and stylish design – and not least for the way it casts life’s unforgettable moments in silver and gold.

When jeweler Per Enevoldsen and his wife Winnie founded PANDORA Jewelry in 1982, they didn’t know their small company would become an international jewelry giant within a few years. Starting in a modest shop in a Copenhagen side street, they launched a company which is now global and has proudly made its mark on jewelry fashion around the world, sold in shops from Sweden to San Francisco.

These past 25 years have not only seen PANDORA Jewelry develop from a modest goldsmith to a leading company on the world market. The company’s rare ability to touch women’s innermost dreams and to take the little miracles in their lives and cast memories in silver and gold, has given PANDORA Jewelry its unique place in women’s thoughts all over the globe. A cornerstone in the success of this Danish jewelry brand has been the renowned charms bracelet, which has enabled women all over the world to carry their own personal memento of life’s unforgettable moments on their wrists or around their neck. A finely crafted layer cake for your child’s first birthday, a swelling heart for that intoxicating crush, or a little suitcase for an exotic holiday – just a few of the symbols to collect in PANDORA Jewelry’s famous selection of bracelets and necklaces. The unique jewelry has made a big impression in the magazines, including Harper’s Bazaar in Australia and Glamour in America. And every collection can be renewed with current motifs in the form of charms, each one telling a little story about life’s unforgettable moments.

This year PANDORA Jewelry is pleased to celebrate its own unforgettable moment: 25 years as a leading provider of jewelry to women all around the world. As part of the celebrations, the company is introducing a unique set of jewelry consisting of a necklace, a ring, a pair of earrings, and an elegant charm, which will be launched in October 2007 and sold at PANDORA Jewelry’s dealers until the end of 2008. The exclusive collection is fitted with diamonds of 0.25 ct. in total on each piece of jewelry, as a symbol of PANDORA Jewelry’s first 25 years.

The 25th Anniversary Collection has now been retired and is no longer being manufactured.

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